On-Campus VS. Off-Campus Housing: A Guide for Queen’s


Moving into higher education is an exciting and pivotal moment in a student’s life, and one of the critical decisions during this transition is the choice of accommodation. This guide by Axon Property Management will delve into two primary housing options for students in Kingston, Ontario – On-campus and off-campus living. 

Understanding On-Campus Living 

On-campus living refers to residing within the boundaries of the educational institution. Typically, these are accommodation options provided by the university or college itself. They include dormitories, shared apartments, and on rare occasions, single apartments. 

Living on campus has its unique advantages. First, it simplifies the transition for first-year students by providing a structured living environment within a stone’s throw from classrooms, libraries, and other campus facilities. These residences often come with meal plans, eliminating the need to cook. There’s also an immediate sense of community since students live among their peers, facilitating social activities and engagement. 

However, on-campus living has its downsides. More privacy is often needed, and limited space and shared amenities can lead to complications. The inability to escape the ‘university bubble’ can sometimes feel claustrophobic, and opportunities for independent living are minimal. 

Unpacking Queen’s Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus living refers to any housing not owned by the educational institution. These include shared houses, private rentals, purpose-built student accommodations, or homestays. 

There’s a reason why many students choose to move off-campus after their first or second year. Off-campus living offers more independence, privacy, and freedom than on-campus alternatives. From having your bedroom, kitchen, and sometimes even a backyard, off-campus living often feels more like a ‘home.’ 

Additionally, students can choose their housemates, escape the university bubble, and immerse themselves more in the local community. Off-campus living also allows students to balance their academic and social lives better. However, this option comes with responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, paying bills, and maintenance. 

All-Inclusive Apartments for Rent in Kingston, Ontario 

For students preferring an off-campus experience, all-inclusive apartments are a popular choice. These accommodations bundle rent with utilities like electricity, water, internet, and sometimes even cable TV and parking. 

Choosing an all-inclusive apartment can simplify budgeting, remove the stress of dealing with utility providers, and reduce the risk of additional charges. Axon Property Management provides a wide array of all-inclusive apartments in Kingston, Ontario, designed to meet student needs. 

Rooms for Rent Kingston, Ontario: A Practical Choice for Students 

Renting a room in a shared house or a family home is another option for students moving off-campus. This option is usually more affordable than renting an entire property and can provide a ‘family’ environment if the house is shared with the landlord. 

Axon Property Management can assist students in finding suitable rooms for rent in Kingston, offering options near the campus, downtown, and other desirable locations. 

Queen’s Off-Campus Housing: A Closer Look 

Queen’s University offers a diverse range of off-campus housing options, often located near the campus and offering the convenience of proximity to university facilities. These options provide an alternative to traditional university residences. 

Whether it’s a shared house with a group of friends or an apartment for those craving a bit more privacy, Queen’s off-campus housing offers something for everyone. Axon Property Management collaborates closely with Queen’s University to provide quality off-campus housing options. 

Kingston Student Housing: On-Campus or Off-Campus? 

Choosing between on-campus and off-campus living in Kingston comes down to personal preferences and lifestyle. Some may prefer the convenience and simplicity of on-campus living, especially during their first year of studies. In contrast, others may yearn for the independence and flexibility of living off-campus. 

Axon Property Management is committed to guiding students through this critical decision, providing various on-campus and off-campus housing options. 

Kingston Student Rental: A Wealth of Options 

In Kingston, students are spoilt for choice regarding rental options. There’s something for every preference and budget, from on-campus residences and off-campus shared houses to private apartments and purpose-built student accommodations. 

The Axon Property Management team works tirelessly to ensure students find the rental that suits their needs, ensuring their university years are comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. 


Making the Right Choice Between On-Campus and Off-Campus Living 

In summary, both on-campus and off-campus housing come with their unique sets of benefits and challenges. The best choice depends on individual needs, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Whether a student values convenience, social life, independence, or budget will significantly influence this decision. 

Axon Property Management strives to provide clear, comprehensive information to help students make the best choice for their circumstances. 

Call to Action 

If you’re embarking on your educational journey in Kingston and need help finding the perfect place to call home, contact Axon Property Management today. We’re here to make your accommodation decision easier and more satisfying. With our broad array of options and dedicated team, your ideal student living situation is just a phone call or click away.

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