Decorating Your Kingston Student Ghetto Housing


Every student’s journey includes a space they call their own, a haven away from lecture halls and libraries. A large part of making this space feel like home is through decoration. As Axon Property Management, we understand the importance of personalizing your student rental, making it a comfortable, inspiring, and practical place to live, whether you live in Kingston student ghetto housing or in an off-campus apartment.

Understanding Your Space 

Before embarking on your decorating journey, it’s important to understand your space. Each apartment or house comes with its layout, space constraints, and charm. 

Begin by measuring your space, including room dimensions and window placements. It’s also vital to consider the purpose of each area. Will your dining table double as a study space? Do you need additional storage for textbooks? Assessing these factors helps you decorate more effectively and efficiently. 

Budgeting for Apartment Decoration 

Budget is a critical factor when decorating. Consider setting a realistic budget considering all elements, from large furniture to accessories and wall decor. 

Remember, you don’t need to buy everything at once. Consider starting with essential items and then adding accessories over time. DIY projects, thrift stores, and online marketplaces are excellent resources for budget-friendly decorations. 

Queens Student Rentals: Personalizing Your Space 

Queens student rentals offer an excellent canvas for student creativity. From posters of your favourite band to a wall gallery of personal photographs, there are countless ways to inject personality into your rental. 

Bear in mind, though; each rental comes with rules. While creating a space that reflects you is crucial, respecting the guidelines set by your rental agreement is equally essential. 

The Role of Furniture in Apartment Decor 

Choosing the right furniture for your space is key, and it must be functional, fit well within your space, and align with your aesthetic. 

In a student rental, multifunctional furniture can be your best friend. Think bed frames with built-in storage or ottomans that double as seating and storage. These pieces maximize your space and provide practical solutions for student living. 

Maximizing Limited Space in Queens University Housing Listings 

If you’ve opted for one of the Queens University housing listings, you might need more space. But fear not! Small spaces present an opportunity to get creative with storage and design. 

Vertical storage solutions, like floating shelves, are great for freeing up floor space. Light-coloured walls and clever lighting can make a small room feel bigger, and mirrors can add depth and light to your space. 

Houses for Rent near Queens University: Decorating Larger Spaces 

If you rent a larger space near Queens University, you’ll have more room to flex your creative muscles. Larger spaces allow for distinct separation of living areas – a clear dining space, a dedicated study area, and so on. 

In larger spaces, consistency is crucial. Choose a colour palette and stick with it throughout your rooms to create a cohesive look and feel. 

Adding Personality to Kingston Student Ghetto Housing 

Kingston student ghetto housing is known for its historical charm and presents an opportunity to blend this traditional appeal with your style. 

Colours can dramatically change the feel of a room. Throw pillows, rugs, and wall art are fantastic ways to add pops of colour. Displaying personal items, such as photographs or mementos from home, can make your rental feel more personal. 

Keeping Your Decor Temporary and Damage-Free 

While decorating, it’s crucial to remember that your rental is a temporary home, meaning all decorations should be damage-free. 

Adhesive hooks, removable wallpaper, and leaning art pieces are great non-permanent options. Ensure your decoration ideas comply with your rental agreement to avoid potential damage charges. 

Conclusion: Making Your Student Rental Feel Like Home 

Decorating your student rental is a personal journey, transforming a blank canvas into a place that feels like home. Through thoughtful planning, budgeting, and clever design choices, your rental can become a space that inspires and comforts you throughout your student journey. 

At Axon Property Management, we’re committed to making student living as comfortable and personalized as possible. We offer a range of rental options, each presenting a unique opportunity for you to create your perfect student home. 

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