The Ultimate Kingston Student Rental Guide


The bustling student scene in Kingston, Ontario, is a testament to the city’s rich educational offerings. As the trusted partner of this vibrant student community, Axon Property Management has been making strides to enhance the student living experience. Our ultimate guide will give you an insight into the booming Kingston student rental market, helping you make informed decisions. 

The Rise of Kingston Student Rentals 

Kingston Student Rentals have seen an upsurge in demand in recent years. The city is home to esteemed educational institutions like Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College, attracting thousands of students each year. Consequently, the need for comfortable, affordable, and accessible student accommodations has grown. With a keen understanding of these needs, Axon Property Management has been at the forefront of this evolving market. 

Kingston Student Housing Rentals: What You Need to Know 

So, what exactly are Kingston student housing rentals? These are properties that cater specifically to the needs of students. They often come furnished, include utilities, and are close to campuses, amenities, and public transportation. Students can choose from shared houses, private apartments, or purpose-built student accommodations like Foundry Princess and Unity Place. 

The Foundry Princess: A Premium Student Living Space 

The Foundry Princess is a shining example of premium student living in Kingston. It offers a mix of shared and private accommodations and modern amenities like a fitness center, study rooms, and a games lounge. The proximity to Queen’s University and downtown Kingston makes Foundry Princess a favoured choice among students. 

Unity Place Kingston: A Home Away from Home 

Similarly, Unity Place Kingston is another popular option for student housing. Offering a sense of community and a range of amenities, Unity Place makes students feel at home while being away from home. With high-speed internet for those late-night study sessions, furnished units, and an on-site laundry facility, it’s no wonder that Unity Place has rave student reviews. 

What to Expect from Kingston Student Rentals in 2023 

Looking ahead, the trends for Kingston student rentals in 2023 point towards more custom-built student accommodation options. These rentals are designed to cater to the unique needs of students, offering communal spaces, study rooms, and safety features. Axon Property Management is already taking strides to adapt to these trends and provide student housing that not only meets the needs of the students but also enhances their university life. 

Tips to Choose the Perfect 1-Bedroom Student Apartment in Kingston 

One-bedroom student apartments in Kingston are an increasingly popular choice for those who prefer more privacy. When choosing such an apartment, consider factors such as proximity to campus, including utilities, rental rates, and lease terms. At Axon Property Management, we provide a comprehensive list of 1-bedroom student apartments, making it easier for students to find their perfect home. 

Queens Student Rentals: A Blend of Comfort and Convenience 

With their comfortable and convenient accommodations, Queen’s student rentals are an excellent option for Queen’s University students. These rentals are located close to the campus, saving students’ commute time. Moreover, Axon’s partnership with Queen’s University ensures students can access various housing options that fit their budgets and lifestyle. 


Making the Most of Your Kingston Student Rental Experience 

Choosing the right student rental in Kingston is about considering factors like location, amenities, cost, and lease terms. It’s about finding a place that provides a roof over your head and enhances your student life experience. By leveraging Axon Property Management’s expertise, students can make informed decisions and find their perfect home in Kingston. 

Find Your New Kingston Student Rental

So, as you embark on your exciting journey in Kingston, remember that finding the right student rental can significantly enhance your university experience. Whether you prefer the communal environment of Unity Place, the luxury of Foundry Princess, the convenience of Queen’s student rentals, or the privacy of a 1-bedroom apartment, Axon Property Management is here to guide you. Reach out to us today to start your student rental journey in Kingston.

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