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Kingston Area Landlord Services

Our mission as your Property Management Company is to take the best care of your Real Estate Investment and Tenants. We ensure your real estate assets are performing at maximum efficiency creating higher net income each month.

Overview of Kingston Property Management Services

Axon Property Management offers Full Service Property Management to Owners of Residential Investment Properties in Kingston, Ontario. If you are a current owner, have an upcoming closing on a rental property or are thinking about purchasing a rental property and want to hear more about our services we would love to hear from you.

Serving The Kingston Area

Axon Property Management specializes in a variety of Property Types across Kingston and the surrounding areas:

Working With Axon Property Management

A Seamless On-boarding Transition

The staff at Axon Property Management have the experience and knowledge to make any Property Management onboarding or transition as seamless as possible. Listed below are some essentials when onboarding Property Management Services.