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Do you have a Kingston property that you need professionally managed? View our extensive property management services or explore our available listings below.

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36 Point St Mark Dr

Available: July 1st, 2024

$2300/ Month

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234 Earl St, Unit A

Available: September 1st, 2024

$3150/ Month

For Rent

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73 Rideau St, Unit 2

Available: June 1st, 2024

$1750/ Month



318 Yonge St, Unit 2

Available: June 1st, 2024

$1425/ Month

For Rent

1010 Pembridge - Exterior

1010 Pembridge Cr, Unit 209

Available: July 1st, 2024

$1975/ Month


210 Union Street - Exterior 2

210 Union St, Unit 1

Available: June 1st, 2024

$1495/ Month

In This Article:

Need assistance dealing with a property in Kingston? Property management Kingston Ontario gives a variety of property management services for lofts, places of business, and retail properties. We can modify a management agreement to address your issues and the points of interest for your property.

We offer services for; renting, promoting, bookkeeping, upkeep, and much more (see below). We’ve worked with several property owners (and are property owners ourselves), so we can comprehend the significance of placing your property under the watchful eye of someone else.

Property Management Kingston Ontario

What we offer?

Renting Services: Axon Property Management can direct all parts of renting your property. This incorporates promoting accessible space, masterminding showings to potential tenants, surveying applications, and arranging leases.

Accounting and Rent Collection Services: We process a large number of assets for lease every month for the benefit of the properties we oversee. The accounting staff is directed by a CPA and provides timely reports and dispersions to property owners.

Property Maintenance Services: We can manage all maintenance work for your property. This includes the essentials like snow removal and grass cutting, to emergency support work (like pipes or climate-related harm), to enormous capital undertakings (like roof or window replacements). For our customers, we regulate a group of contractors that supervise everyday services and occupant support demands. For our office and retail customers, we routinely manage tenant concerns and complaints.

Consistency And Regulation: Our staff receives industry-standard preparation and training for land administrative and consistent issues. This incorporates things like Fair Housing prerequisites, Fair Credit consistency, ADA guidelines, and so on. We invest a great deal of time and energy to ensure that our contracts, rental units, and procedures fit in with the law.

Emergency Support: Sit back and relax, realizing that your property has every minute of every day/365 emergency support. We can deal with routine and crisis issues at any time.

Planning: When properties require upgrades or renovations Axon Property Management will help plan the entire process with you. Our property managers ensure that the projects will stay within your budget and achieve your desired goals. We will also provide you with detailed reports that highlight the costs of all items of your job.

Management Services: Property management in Kingston acts as a landowner’s support agent. By and large, if an issue happens at the property (the power goes out, a pipe bursts, and so forth.), a tenant can call the property manager to get the issue fixed. Since the structures, seriousness, and duty of these issues can change from property to property and working to the building, it is imperative to have a quality property manager that can successfully deal with problems when they happen.

Property managers are additionally educated about leases and can easily determine when an issue is a tenant’s obligation and not the owners. While these issues may stem from conditions outside their ability to control, a great property manager attempts to limit the probability of these issues emerging and adequately handles the harms when they do.

Property management Ontario


Having a quality property management company is a fundamental resource for a property owner in Kingston. As should be obvious, the expense to contract a property management organization is justified through the administration they give.

Outside of dealing with the property activities, the property management organization will help the property owner accomplish their monetary objectives. Employing authorized property management in Kingston can demonstrate a solid record of property management greatness. Contact us today for better deals.