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For Rent


6 Graham Avenue, Unit 2 (Upper)

Available: September 1, 2024

$3600/ Month

For Rent


51 Chestnut St, Unit 2

Available: September 1, 2024

$1500/ Month

For Rent

651 Victoria St

651 Victoria St, Unit 3

Available: August 1, 2024

$1295/ Month

For Rent


526 College St, Unit 2

Available: September 1, 2024

$2975/ Month


614-616 Victoria Exterior

614 Victoria St, Unit 4

Available: August 1, 2024

$1825/ Month


183 Mack St. - Exterior

183 Mack St, Unit 7

Available: September 1, 2024

$1525/ Month

In This Article:

Axon Property Management is a trusted property management company in Kingston, ON. If you are a landlord or investor looking for a prominent and reputable property management Kingston company, Axon is your best option.

quality property management kingston services for all your needs
quality property management kingston services for all your needs

We are a professional property management team serving property investors in Kingston and surrounding areas. We are experienced in managing all types of properties from single-family homes to multi-unit residential and large apartment complexes.

Axon Property Management Kingston has the single goal of meeting all your property rental needs. We strive to go beyond expectations to meet the needs of both property owners and tenants. We believe that property management goes beyond maintenance and collecting rent.

In our philosophy, the best property management firm should also cover other equally important tasks involved in operating and overseeing rental properties.

A Diverse Range of Property Management Services

At Axon Property Management we provide our clients with a diverse range of professional property administration services.

Our services include all the pertinent requirements of overseeing and operating a rental property including tenant acquisition, rent collection, bookkeeping, interaction with tenants, record retention, lease maintenance, monitoring the property, and much more.

We provide property owners and landlords with timely and well-detailed reporting as well as full transparency accounting of all expenses without hidden fees. Having been in the property management industry for years, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed to maximize the returns of your real estate investment.

Our services are also designed to make the rental process smooth and straightforward for the tenant as well. We ensure everything remains simple and hassle-free for the tenant, from online tenancy application to paying rent and handling any issue a tenant may run into at any time.

Our professional property management services in Kingston include the following:

Tenant Support

Our professional property management Kingston team ensures that your tenants always have the support they need at all times. We believe a happy and satisfied tenant is a long-term resident of your property. This is why we strive to keep the rental property in perfect condition for our tenants.

Property Maintenance

Your property will only be attractive to tenants for as long as it remains in excellent shape. As the best property management Kingston firm, we maintain a 24/7 hotline through which tenants can contact us any time of day or night and request any maintenance or repair issue they may have. The goal is to keep our tenants happy and satisfied.

Property Management and Administration Services

We provide professional property administration and maintenance services such as:

·Property performance reports keeping you updated on your investment

·Regular property inspections and maintenance to ensure that your investment remains in excellent condition.

·Marketing and leasing services to ensure that your property is full of trusted tenants and providing you with the best return on investment (ROI). We use extensive and highly effective online marketing methods to reach and attract interested clients to your property.

·Financial services to maintain your investment’s finances up to date.

·Tenant relations and lease compliance services to keep both the tenant and property owner happy. We are the main point of contact for your tenants.

·Rent collection services including easy online payments.

·Tenant screening to find the best tenants for your property.

·Property rehabilitation and renovation services. We handle every part of the renovation process including construction and maintenance.

·Real estate transactions. If you are planning to purchase a rental property as an investment, our team of experienced real estate experts will guide and assist you in every step of the sales transaction. This is to ensure that you achieve your investment goals.

Your Reliable Property Management Kingston Company

Axon Property Management is fully committed to helping you manage and grow the value of your real estate investment.

We understand that your property is one of your most important assets. This is why we strive to go the extra mile to meet the needs of both the property owner and tenants.

We specialize in all forms of property management services including management for single units, small condo buildings, and large apartment communities. You can count on Axon Property Management for accurate and transparent reporting, rent collection, scheduled maintenance, round-the-clock property monitoring, and legal evictions.

We are always monitoring the rental market in Kingston and surrounding areas to ensure that our clients get the best value for their properties.

As professionals who have been in the Kingston real estate market for years, we have the experience, skills, and knowledge to provide you with custom-tailored solutions to your unique property management needs.

We handle all the property management tasks on your behalf, so you can enjoy the fruits of your real estate investment stress-free.

Contact us today to find out how we can best make your real estate investment work for you!