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For Rent

960 Oakview Ave - Exterior

960 Oakview Ave

Available: August 2nd, 2024

$2150/ Month

For Rent

221 King St E - Exterior-3

221 King St, Unit 201

Available: August 1, 2024

$1825/ Month

For Rent

297 Helen St. : 536 College St. - Exterior2 copy

297 Helen St, Unit 12

Available: August 1, 2024

$1695/ Month

For Rent

15 Theresa St - Exterior

15 Theresa St, Unit 8

Available: August 1, 2024

$1650/ Month

For Rent


67 Notch Hill Rd, Unit 102

Available: August 1, 2024

$1750/ Month


408 Albert Exterior

408 Albert St, Unit 4

Available: August 1, 2024

$1495/ Month

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Are you searching for one of the best Kingston rental apartments that suit your style and needs? Look no further than Axon Property Management’s listings.

Kingston Rental Apartments for all your needs and wants.
Kingston Rental Apartments for all your needs and wants.

We have a wide range of Kingston apartment rentals in different locations of the city. We also provide you with an opportunity to compare different types of apartments. You can check by location, size, amenities, and price to make the entire process easier.

Wherever you want to relocate to in Kingston, we are certain that we’ll find the right apartment for you and your family.

Why More People are Looking for Rental Apartments in Kingston

Many people are now relocating to Kingston to escape the fast-paced life in large nearby cities such as Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. Kingston is also an ideal place to live. The city lies at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. It has been a trading hub for centuries.

Nicknamed as Limestone City, Kingston began as a French trading post in the 17th century. It has grown to become a major commercial and holiday destination in Canada.

Another great thing about Kingston is its central location. It sits halfway between Toronto and Montreal and is only 122 miles from Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Thanks to its proximity to Lake Ontario, Kingston experiences moderately humid weather.

The lake also helps to moderate the weather and keep it low throughout the year. Most people are attracted to Kingston by the region’s less extreme weather.

Major Attractions

Besides the weather, Kingston enjoys great quality of life, high-quality healthcare, a low crime rate, low pollution, and a high walk ability score. You will also never fall sort of activities to do and places to visit when living in Kingston.

The city has many events going on every day including free live music performances at the Grand Theater and festivals throughout the year. There are also top schools and universities in Kingston including the Royal Military College of Canada and Queen’s University.

Kingston is also known for having the best rates of rental prices compared to other parts of the country. Whether you are searching for a studio, one or two-bedroom apartment, or a luxurious rental apartment, you can count on Axon Property Management.

We have made it extremely easy to find the best Kingston apartments from wherever you are through our online listings.

Find the Best Rental Apartments in Kingston

The city of Kingston has many neighborhoods with perfect apartments to choose from. The price varies from one neighborhood to the next, but generally, apartments are costlier within the inner suburbs than outside the city.

However, most residents agree that the best apartments can be found at plush locations. These include Westview Place, Creekside, Bayridge Court Apartments, 394 Alfred, and Pembridge Square just to mention a few.

The price for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $1,000 to $1,685 per month while a 2-bedroom apartment costs around $1,200 to $2,595 per month. The prices vary according to the apartment’s size, location, and other features.

At Axon Property Management, you will find detailed information about each type of apartment listed on our site including its size and location. Our goal is to help you find the best apartment in your desired location.

The Best Kingston Rental Apartments Agency

At Axon Property Management we ensure that clients have the best accommodations possible and property owners get the best returns on their investments. We strive to create and maintain a win-win situation for both apartment owners and renters.

If you are looking for the best Kingston apartments, we recommend that you start by choosing an area that best suits your lifestyle. For example, if you are renting close to a university, you will find many trendy restaurants and shops.

The area will also be more walkable. If you want a quieter lifestyle, there are many good apartments in the serene areas on the outskirts of the city. However, be prepared to drive or commute more.

Axon provides you with a wide range of apartments in different parts of the city to choose from. We are your one-stop-shop for searching and finding the best Kingston apartments.

Simply browse our listings to see the currently available apartments in Kingston. You can sort your selections by location, size, and price. To help you make a more informed decision, we provide you with further details about each listing. This includes photos, floor plans, amenities, interactive maps, and more property descriptions.

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Finding the best rental apartments is now easier than before. Whether you are a student, a bachelor, or family, feel free to browse our listings to find the best option available now.

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